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Abide by the law
We are committed to complying with applicable laws in all areas where we do business. We comply with applicable laws related to our company in all countries in the region where we do business.

International trade compliance

We operate fairly and honestly and comply with all applicable import and export laws. In addition, we understand and comply with all international trade compliance (ITC) laws and regulations that apply to us worldwide.

Competition law compliance

We compete actively and legally. No matter where we do business, we will comply with all competition (or “antitrust”) laws.

Prohibition of corruption and bribery

We do not tolerate any form of corruption and bribery by employees, third parties, or intermediaries, nor engage in any form of corruption and bribery, including violating the law and making any payment to any government official or giving other forms of benefits to influence decision-making.

We understand and are committed to complying with applicable laws and regulations related to anti-corruption and bribery at home and abroad and complying with the company’s requirements for clean cooperation.

Protect confidential information

We protect confidential business information following employment agreements and third-party agreements and additionally save the confidential information of third parties, including but not limited to our customers and suppliers. We agree that we will not share any personal information without first reaching an appropriate legal arrangement (NDA).

Protection of intellectual property

We protect the company’s intellectual property and prevent it from being abused, misappropriated, destroyed, and lost. We take corresponding measures to protect the intellectual property rights of others and prevent them from being used, stolen, wrecked, damaged, or lost. We comply with all laws related to protecting proprietary information and other intellectual property rights in the country where we operate.

Ensure financially and record-keeping compliance

We follow generally accepted accounting principles;

We create, maintain, and destroy records correctly and abide by integrity.
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